Keira McVitty interview


It is no coincidence that I deal with the English team WhyBeNormal ?: one of two managers who coordinate the team of cyclists is a Catania lawyer Marcello Marina, cycling enthusiast patron of 110 + RPM.

The athletes of the team, are the English Keira McVitty (20 years), Jo Smith (26), and Corinne Hayley Edward Price (33); Australian Leeana Kate James (33 years), the German Johanna Jahnne (33) and the Italian Corinne Casati (18 years).

They run all of Bike CINELLI, the top in cycling industry.

Last February the team had to train in Catania Etna on the circuit and then to Taormina: curious to see live these future champions Red Hook Criterium thought I’d meet them.

Sicily Catania : Keira McVitty, Johanna Jahnke, Corinne Price, Corinne Casati, Hayley Edwards, Marcello Marina, Andrea Genovese

Sicily Catania : Keira McVitty, Johanna Jahnke, Corinne Price, Corinne Casati, Hayley Edwards, Marcello Marina, Andrea Genovese

But is it really this race?
Red Hook Criterium is a world sports championship for bikes without brakes fixed fixed shooting, one of the most spectacular sporting events in the world where viewers can experience an evening of adrenalin races, an unprecedented atmosphere.

And ‘to Red Hook, the old terminal for cruises Brooklyn, which took place the most important cycling competition of America where in addition to the show have seen a serious accident and several injured athletes: a motorcycle inexplicably stops in the middle to track and runners at full speed crash on the bike one above the other. Thirty were able to avoid the impact but five runners ended up in hospital.


Red Hook Criterium 2016 Brooklyn: the bike stops for lack gasoline … it’s hell!



The men’s race was won by American Colin Strickland went really fast staying alone across the finish line. Behind him Ivan Ravaioli Team Cinelli, a Romagna Italian cyclist Pantani gregarious former glory and winner title Rhc 2015, former professional at Mercatone Uno is one of the strongest athletes Masters in Italy.
In the women’s race, dominating the Spanish Ainara Elbusto, who won the title Rhc 2015, a bad fall took place on the penultimate lap and at least 5 athletes have been involved.

In the women’s final standings in 2016 Keira came in at fifth place with 22 points.

Hello Keira you introduce yourself to friends who follow us?

My name is Keira McVitty and I am 20 years old. I am a fourth generation cyclist so a life on two wheels was almost impossible to avoid! My bread butter is racing on the road and track races, but since last year I embarked on a new adventure – criterium fixed gear. My first RHC was in London in 2015 and now I’m hooked (pun …) for all races of the RHC 2016.

You have been awarded as the most combative … congratulations!

I learned somehow the good form from road racing in the first RHC in Brooklyn, I just tried good fun! The result of this the prize won as the most combative!

How are you after the accident and how you feel physically after this race?

Luckily I did not crash, but my teammate Hayley Edwards as well as a lot of runners were involved in accidents. E ‘was difficult to keep my attention when I saw hard crash into the barriers.

What do you think of Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn?

The race of Brooklyn was one of the most beautiful races I have experienced in my short history of the races. My heart skips fixed to each double back …. is a straight beat through speed!

What do you think of accidents and frequent falls?

I think it’s just part of the race and maybe one of the reasons why viewers love this race!

How did you fight fatigue during hard times?

Much rest and sleep …. I like to relax and listen to music. I just try simple things!

The cheers of the spectators are probably the best boost of energy, how did you react?

I like the atmosphere, running at night, with such large crowds is a huge buzz.Although once in the race I’m focused on right now and what we need to do within the game.

As you trained in preparation for this race?

I do not prepare myself specifically for criterium, but my fitness comes from road racing and track for me means that I can run hard … simply enjoy the experience. It is a natural step … but I’m slowly improving in the course of the shortest circuits.

How are relations also the friendly and personal relationships with other racers opposing teams. You made new acquaintances?

The best way to describe him is as an “extended family.” There is certainly a mutual respect between those who compete in Red Hook. It is an intense race, in addition to be potentially dangerous is good to have friends on the track looking out for us! I find that my greatest strength comes from my team WhyBeNormal?

Have you had a chance to talk to meet bike messengers?

Yes of course! The bicycle couriers are another different kind of riders competing at RHC. I have great respect for these kids, I could not speak in the race with them unfortunately!

How is working to run for Team WhyBeNormal?

And ‘impressive, nothing more perfect, of course, but we are trying to aspire to be a more professional set up. I hope our team can be a source of inspiration for sponsors within the women’s cycling and help inspire more women to believe they can do more!

July 9 in London another race, you will return here in Catania Mount Etna in Sicily for training?

I hope to return, but as long as my busy season is not over I will not be able to still visit Catania. E ‘was great to prepare my fitness in Sicily, now I have to prepare well for next season. I’m focused on my road racing and also the London RHC!

Keira thanks and best wishes!

greetings to the female fixed cycling and Team WhyBeNormal?